About 3DE – Florida manufacturing engineering design innovative leaders 

3DE was founded in Pompano Beach FL in 1996 and has established a national reputation for being a premier rapid prototype and rapid manufacturer concern across many industries.

It was the 1st large capacity Rapid Prototype Center in Florida and has 20-years of continuous operations.

It maintains a diverse application portfolio to support both development and manufacturing programs in industries such as Aerospace, Consumer, Medical, Electronic, Marine and Automotive.

3DE’s mission has remained steadfast since opening its doors in 1996:

“To dramatically reduce customer’s time and cost to market through innovative prototype and manufacturing applications.”

What our customers are saying:

I approached 3DE to help me with an R&D program that utilized high precision 3D printed parts. The parts required features that tested the limits of state-of-the-art additive manufacturing techniques. I reached out to several companies regarding this task, and 3DE rose to the challenge. They not only accurately produced the complex geometries I needed, but also worked with me to increase part producibilty. 3DE offered suggestions about alternative materials and assembly processes that reduced risk and part cost while increasing the product yield. 3DE definitely goes the extra mile for customer satisfaction. Due to the fragile nature of these parts, 3DE offered to hand deliver them to ensure the part I received was in pristine condition. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with 3DE on this program, and will absolutely look to them on future programs. I would highly recommend 3DE to any one in need of 3D printing, rapid prototyping, or help with design-for-manufacturing on their projects.  

 –Phil Redman

Florida Turbine Technologies

3de manufacturing South Florida

3DE Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing format is a what we consider as our crowning achievement where 3DE has successfully integrated advanced prototype technologies

3DE Incubator Process for project in South Florida

Technology Incubator

Every year, 3DE offers to partner with inventors to test ideas via our product development programs.

New Technology

This is a metal powder bed fusion technology that uses a high powered laser to fuse metallic powders together to create functional precision “near net” 3-dimensional parts.

Our Services 

engineering design 3DE South Florida

Design Engineering

3DE offers a comprehensive selection of conceptual design support, mechanical design and engineering services. Using SolidWorks, Rhino, and other CAD support software.

3de 3d printing South Florida

3D Printing

Whether small parts with precise geometries or large, highly detailed patterns are needed, our additive processes provide designers and engineers another quick-turn option.

rapid prototyping 3DE Services South Eastern United States

Rapid Tooling

Rapid Tooling describes a process that is the result of combining Rapid Prototyping techniques with conventional tooling practices to produce a mold in less time and at a lower cost.



South Eastern United States engineering leaders in design, 3D printing, custom moldings, and castings.

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