3D Printing Service Southeast United States and Florida

Our 3D printing service produces custom prototypes and functional, end-use parts in plastic and metal within days.

Our office is located in Coral Springs, Florida. We serve all of South Florida and the South Eastern part of the United States. *We are available to work with you outside of our designated areas. Please contact us for a consultation.

We offer four high-tech processes:

Stereolithography (SL)

Stereolithography (SL) is one of several methods used to create 3D-printed objects. It’s the process by which a uniquely designed 3D printing machine, called a stereolithograph apparatus (SLA) converts liquid plastic into solid objects. 3DE will go to work for you to produce the perfect prototype for your business. 

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is an additive manufacturing (AM) technique that uses a laser as the power source to sinter powdered material (typically nylon/polyamide), aiming the laserautomatically at points in space defined by a 3D model, binding the material together to create a solid structure. 3DE will go to work for you to produce the perfect prototype for your business. 

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) uses a precise, high-wattage laser to micro-weld powdered metals and alloys to form fully functional metal components from your CAD data. DMLS eliminates time-consuming tooling, and creates complex geometries not possible with other metal manufacturing processes. 3DE will go to work for you to produce the perfect prototype for your business. 

AddSum Manufacturing

This is a metal powder bed fusion technology that uses a high powered laser to fuse metallic powders together to create functional precision “near net” 3-dimensional parts. The process is digitally driven, direct from sliced 3D CAD data. For each slice of CAD data a thin even layer of fine metal powder is deposited across the build plate, where this selected area is then precisely melted by the laser.

Whether small parts with precise geometries or large, highly detailed patterns are needed, our additive processes (3D printing service) provide designers and engineers another quick-turn option during product development.

Nearly every industry now utilizes 3D printing technologies due to the short lead times and the ability to produce quality precision parts and prototypes within a budget. Typical applications include conceptual models, rapid prototypes, manufacturing tools, manufacturing reference models, and production parts. Employing such a wide range of plastic and metal materials via this 3D printing process allows parts to be earmarked for everything from a slick looking display models at a tradeshow to functional parts on a military fighter jet!