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3DE SLA Automotive Design Project 


Historically it is a proven fact that the development of a consumer product of any degree of complexity is a time consuming and resource consuming process. The Typhoon Max is a moderately complex automotive product that tells a different story and was transitioned from an artistic concept into a market ready product within 12-months!

The customer needed to take the difficult path to perfect its early product designs before transitioning large scale manufacturing. Using the “rapid” services of 3DE we helped guide the customer thru its intense functional field testing to complete the design, to make pre-production samples to demo the product at industry specific tradeshows, to prepare sample units for independent safety tests, and ultimately to help the customer transition into full production tooling and other manufacturing methods. All this was done within 12-months!


Our solution to meet this aggressive client timetable included leveraging Pro-Engineer, Rhino and various SLA model-making applications to develop early prototypes for design verification, model making applications to build pre-production units for testing and tradeshow awareness campaigns, and last to build pre-production functional units to enable the client to better communicate their needs to the factory to have product at their retail outlets within 12-months!