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Vacumm Forming Service Southeast United States and Florida

Vacuum forming is the most simplified version of thermoforming available, whereby a sheet of plastic is heated to its near melt point (i.e. forming temperature), stretched onto and over a 3D surface mold, and forced against the mold via a negative pressure vacuum and formed/cooled into a permanent object shape. 3DE has a One-Stop-Shop service!

Our office is located in Coral Springs, Florida. We serve all of South Florida and the South Eastern part of the United States. *We are available to work with you outside of our designated areas. Please contact us for a consultation.

Design and Engineering

3DE has a highly experienced and creative in-house design team who are accustomed to working within a compressed time frame to quickly bring your custom parts/product to market. The process begins with an overview of your objectives and production strategy. Our engineering team working closely with our model shop and master pattern makers always pursue solution pathways to perfect 1st article parts within 2-weeks of any project launch. Our track record speaks for itself and we would enjoy sharing our program with you when interested.

Prototype/Production Tooling

Our prototyping services give customers the opportunity to test and analyze the performance of a product and or part quickly, and at a minimal cost. Our prototype molds maybe cast or machined and will depend on a number of variables specific to the project. But in the end you will notice the quick creation of capable tooling, tightly controlled part tolerances, and competitive pricing both on the tooling and parts generated.

Sheet Material

We thermoform a variety of materials to meet customer requirements including ABS, Kydex, HDPE, PP, PVC, PETG and when needed blended sheet to keep costs down during early production initiatives. We can tap into a vast spectrum of engineered plastics for special requirements such as out door applications, high-heat applications, electrically insulative applications and or medical applications where chemical resistant materials are required. Important Note: All materials referenced above come in a thickness range between .015 to ½ Inch which lends to a broad spectrum of thermoform applications.

Precision Part Trimming

A precision CNC router enables finished part accuracy and assures part reproducibility during each production run once 1st article parts are approved by the customer. Trim fixtures at times may also be developed to ensure and support production success once a long term production plan has been achieved.

Part Finishing Services

3DE can assemble hardware into the parts, paint and or screen print the parts to meet a cosmetic and or wear resistant condition. This allows for a one-stop-shop when ordering vacuum form prototype and production parts. The advantage to this multifaceted service include significant time and cost savings when pursuing vacuum forming support.

3DE Vacuum Forming Project Miami Florida

Early in the history of 3DE in 1998 3D printing was still a foreign concept to the manufacturing community where soft tool applications derived from rapid prototyping technologies were even less understood. Engineers from a company called Aircraft Modular Products based in Miami, FL (the company was since acquired by BE Aerospace) happened to attend a seminar hosted by 3DE presenting the technology of stereo-lithography.