3DE Incubator Process for project in South Florida

3DE Manufacturing Design Southeast United States and Florida

Forbes Quote of the Day

“If you keep your products superior and never diminish your quality, you will remain strong through the obstacles.”
–Martha Stewart

Idea for Prototype

Every year, 3DE offers to partner with inventors to test ideas via our product development programs. This program is a doorway opportunity where an inventor with a great idea can partner with 3DE to evolve the concept to some logical form to determine its market viability. This program applies to Individuals and or individuals of companies who may desire a forum to incubate their ideas.

Prototype to Product

Team up with 3DE and its affiliate companies to participate in early stage product development to raise awareness in the market and or to attract investment dollars. This effort may include the incorporation of a startup and the development of a business plan.

Product to Market

3DE can be used as a platform to foster meaningful collaboration with outside organizations such as financial institutions to help the start-up execute on its business plan. The effort includes advanced manufacturing support, establishment of funding alliances and or setting up market awareness campaigns in support of a commercial launch.

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