3de manufacturing South Florida

3DE Manufacturing Southeast United States and Florida 

Our Manufacturing format is a what we consider as our crowning achievement where 3DE has successfully integrated advanced prototype technologies into traditional manufacturing paths which over the years has enable us to establish a global supplier channel in support of medium to high volume production opportunities without long lead times — starting from the customer’s “napkin concept” we can accelerate the development process to its manufacturing phase quickly and accurately at highly competitive prices! 

Since 1996, this service has evolved into what is now recognized as a bed rock pathway for our clients to procure high quality, high volume production programs with little to no drudgery on their side. Our success rest on a simple set of principles:

We work only with companies that understand and share in our vision of rapid prototyping technologies.

We recognize only reputable manufacturers who have a successful track record in being user friendly and responsive to our customers’ needs.

All of our suppliers include high skilled manufacturing methodologies, rely on state-of-the-art equipment, and work under a current ISO quality control plan.

This philosophy has helped 3DE build long lasting partnerships for as long as 20 years. Our partnerships are located both in the USA and abroad serving our needs in the following industries: Military, Medical, Industrial, Aerospace, Consumer and Marine.

3DE Capability

3DE provides the best manufacturing solutions for your commercialization needs. We focus on the following to ensure your project’s success:

Project Management throughout the product lifecycle
Ongoing Design and Prototyping
Periodic product review for Manufacturability of Design
Global Purchasing Arrangements (when Required)
Global Supply Chain Arrangements (when Required)
Manufacturing facilities that meet stringent quality standards
Provide the Customer and Downstream Suppliers with Complete Product Build Solutions

When contracting 3DE we become a “one-stop-shop” management solution which helps reduce the overall risk of the project including a related outsourcing responsibilities to allow you to focus on your core business.